Why I am in Real Estate:

My awareness of different types of homes began when I was very young. I grew up in a family of 7, with 5 kids all about a year and a half apart. I was born in Germany and because my father was in the military, we moved around every few years. By the time I was 10, we had lived in six different cities and on three different continents.  Because we lived in so many different cultures, we lived in many different types of homes. Sometimes they were modest military housing located on military bases, and one time we lived right in the city of Thailand among the locals.

This exposure to so many different living conditions at a young age made me realize a common thread we all share.  No matter what language you speak, what you look like, or what your cultural differences are, people all prefer comfortable living conditions.  Where you live matters, and even though what everyone wants in a home or community may be slightly different, they all have a common desire. People want to live in a comfortable home in a community where they feel safe and connected.  If you are able to choose where and how you live, that is what matters most.

Kelly Marsh & Associates Real Estate

As real estate agents, we are honored to participate in these life changing decisions. We help our clients choose where they live and when they move. Our goal is to not only make this the best possible experience for our clients, but also to make a positive impact on the communities they live in as well.

All of our agents are community specialists. They love where they live and they sell mostly in those parts of town. They want to protect the quality of life in each neighborhood, and our agents are passionate about making their communities the best places to live.

Our agents support locally owned businesses; they are involved in their schools, churches, charities, and civic organizations.  Our agents are known as leaders that passionately protect and promote our communities.

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Member of:

Ashford Park Elementary School Business Liaison

President of Brookhaven Community Foundation

Executive Director of the Brookhaven Arts Festival

National Association of Realtors

Atlanta Board of Realtors